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High school students from around the world come to us for one or two semesters to be immersed in our culture by attending high school and experiencing every-day family life. In addition to developing a life-long friendship, this experience is the perfect opportunity for students and host families to share their cultures, traditions and customs - Live, Learn, Grow!

At international EXPERIENCE, we believe host families should be provided the opportunity to select the student that's right for their family. Using the search criteria important to you, please see a list of the current students available for hosting.
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7 students available matching your search criteria.

male Felipe
17 years
flag Colombia Hobbies: Movies, Photography, Listening to Rock Music
Sports: Soccer, ,
Arts & Entertainment: Drawing, ,

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male Jimmy Brian
16 years
flag Germany Hobbies: Guitar Ensemble, ,
Sports: Basketball, Darts, Soccer
Arts & Entertainment: , ,

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female Lisa
16 years
flag Germany Hobbies: Dance, Choir, Reading
Sports: Bicycling, Swimming, Volleyball
Arts & Entertainment: Band, Art, Dance

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male Lukas
17 years
flag Austria Hobbies: Photography, Video Games,
Sports: Basketball, Track and Field (Running), Alpine Skiing
Arts & Entertainment: Design, ,

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female Marian
16 years
flag Austria Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Television/Video/DVD
Sports: Basketball, Kickboxing, Swimming
Arts & Entertainment: Guitar playing, Guitar playing, Painting

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male Pit
16 years
flag Germany Hobbies: Fishing, Pets, Watching sports
Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Surfing
Arts & Entertainment: Guitar playing, Film and Video, Drama

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female Yaël
16 years
flag Switzerland Hobbies: Cooking, Television/Video/DVD, Dance
Sports: Snowboarding, Figure Skating,
Arts & Entertainment: Choreography, Choreography, Debate

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